Iron Broo Ceilidh Band – Live at Moray Ceilidh Club


Live at Moray Ceilidh Club was released on CD in 2007 and is available to buy on CD here, or to download online in the above links.
Live at Moray Ceilidh Club, is as it says in the title. Iron Broo recorded this live ceilidh on 21st April 2007 at the Bishopmill hall in Elgin. We were playing for the Moray Ceilidh Club. After setting up the mics and connecting them into a recorder, we played the gig and went home for a listen to see what came out. I had no experience in sound recording live, and there were some problems with mic spill and the sound of the hall. It mixed up reasonably well in the end, and I think you’ll agree Iron Broo managed to pull off a good atmosphere, ‘warts and all’ of a live ceilidh gig with a variety of traditional music. You can hear the audience reactions in the background.