Accordion Straps in two tan leather on leather


Leather accordion straps with a leather lined padding for extra durability, comfort and freshness.

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Type 302/a/p
Shoulder Straps suitable for Accordions 72 – 120 Bass.
These are in 2 colour tan, natural leather.  Other colours are available by special order – no problem.
Made of top quality leather, lined with Leather and padded with foam these straps are a must for every accordionist that looks for comfort.
No more aching chaffed shoulders!
Model 302/a/p in 2 colour natural leather
7cm wide
100% hand made in Italy. Genuine Italian Leather.
Padding: 90% foam rubber 10% light cardboard
Lining: 100% Cow Leather
Top: 100% cow leather.
Metal accessories: 100% Iron Nickel-plated.
The materials used have all been chosen for extreme quality and durability.
100 years of excellence
ITALCINTE first opened its doors for business on 20th
November 1946. The company specializes in the
production of musical instrument accessories, both in
leather and synthetic materials, and was founded by
Gilberto Bugiolacchi (1904/1987). Gilberto learnt his
craft in the leather trade from his father Colombo, a
master shoemaker.
At present the company is led by Gilberto’s youngest son
Beniamino Bugiolacchi, who is flanked by his daughter
Patrizia and his nephew Carlo.
Thanks to highly experienced craftsmen and state of
the art machinery, Italcinte produces accessories of the
highest standard which are exported to as many as 26
different countries.
This years marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of
Italcinte’s founder – Gilberto Bugiolacchi.

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