Doric Film Festival 2022 winner.

The story o’ Taranty Ha’ 

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Albert Thomson and I put together a film entry for the Doric Film Festival 2022.  Albert came up with script and with my mums help we translated it into Doric for the film festival.  Albert has a great knowledge of the Trinity Hall and the seven incorporated Trades of Aberdeen. He has written books on the subject and gives tours to private parties of the building. Albert is also a member of the Shoemakers incorporation.

Doric Film Festival 2022 winners Albert Thomson and Charlie Abel
Doric Film Festival 2022

The story of Trinity Hall in Aberdeen is a long one stretching back over 800 years to the days of King William the Lion. The Trinity Hall is now sited on the corner of Great Western Road and Holburn Street in Aberdeen, the third known site of the hall in its 800-year history. The Trinity Hall has been used as a Chapel by King William the Lyon, by the Trinitarian Friars, and since 1631 is now home to the Seven Incorporated Trades of Aberdeen perhaps one of the oldest trade organisations in the world (since 1537). Originally sited near Guild Street as King Williams Chapel ( the Chapel was rebuilt due to a fire and later due to bad repair), subsequently the hall moved to a more prestigious Union Street in 1847 due to the arrival of the railways. Then in 1960, a new hall was built on Holburn Street due to the Trinity Shopping Centre being built and decimating an iconic building, something that seems to have been a habit in Aberdeen over the years, and a real shame for future generations. Few could argue the trinity Shopping Centre was a valuable replacement for the Trinity Hall and our open span Union Brig!

The Taranty Ha’ Treasures

Albert Thomson
Albert Thomson

Many of the valuable artefacts and memorabilia in the hall today have been collected over a timeline dating back 800 years to the days of King William the Lion. Some of the original stained-glass windows have been moved and included in the Holburn Street Hall. Worth a mention as well are King William’s table and Deacon’s chairs.

Script by Albert Thomson.

I filmed and edited.

Our film was Joint Winner in the Doric Film Festival 2022 (individuals)

Supported by The Doric Board.

Here’s a few clips of Iron Broo playing during the break, courtesy of Adam Usmani

Trumpet Hornpipe tune
Margaret’s Waltz