Ergonomic Accordion Straps Alexander Technique


Special edition – Ergonomic Accordion straps
Made of the finest top quality Italian leather
100% hand made in Italy with Genuine Leather, velvet and nickel plated metal work.

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By Italcinte of Castelfidardo. Italy’s finest!

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Ergonomic Accordion Straps
Ergonomic Accordion Straps

Ergonomic Accordion Straps.
These straps are designed by experienced professional accordion players and in according to the Alexander Technique principals.
Compared to traditional straps these ergonomic straps increase the mechanical advantage allowing a proper weight and force distribution using the full support of the back and letting the neck, shoulders and arms free.
They may prevent harmful effects which often arise using traditional straps: shoulders pushed forward and down, chest compressed down, ribs under pressure, pulling to the sides, sinking in the hips and slouching.
With the ergonomic straps the base of the instrument is secured to the back with the lower belt.  In this way the weight is really grounded.
The upper straps distribute the pressure of pushing and pulling with 4 bands which connect the instruments attachments over the shoulders and under the armpits. (2 straps over the shoulders and 2 under the arms.
Once the straps are tight the accordion will remain stable and firm, the arms and shoulders can move freely without having to grip the accordion.

It is however necessary to understand the principles of the Alexander Technique in order to properly use these straps otherwise they might feel uncomfortable as they don’t allow a great deal of leaning forwards or sideways, the movement for pressing a chin register for example must be supported with your legs used to raise the accordion towards the chin.
They are designed to be used with full sized button accordions and bayans but also give excellent results with other types of instruments such as piano keyboard ones.

The book ‘ Mastering  Accordion Technique ‘ by Claudio Jacomucci and Kathleen Delaney (2012)  explains the principal of improved accordion technique  including the basics and the use of these straps.

100 years of excellence
ITALCINTE first opened its doors for business on 20th
November 1946. The company specializes in the
production of musical instrument accessories, both in
leather and synthetic materials, and was founded by
Gilberto Bugiolacchi (1904/1987). Gilberto learnt his
craft in the leather trade from his father Colombo, a
master shoemaker.
At present the company is led by Gilberto’s youngest son
Beniamino Bugiolacchi, who is flanked by his daughter
Patrizia and his nephew Carlo.
Thanks to highly experienced craftsmen and state of
the art machinery, Italcinte produces accessories of the
highest standard which are exported to as many as 26
different countries.
This years marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of

Italcinte’s founder – Gilberto Bugiolacchi.

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