Wild on Accordion (CD)


Recorded in 2000 by James Hunter for Donside Records.


Charlie Abel – accordion and vocals

Billy Peace – keyboards,

Ian Paterson – drums

Alec Bain – fiddle

Sarah Reith – whistle

E.Allan Gray – guitar

Gus MacDonald – Bodhran.


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Wild on Accordion – Charlie Abel

Track Listing

  1. Reels: The Auld Fiddler / Paddy’s Trip to Scotland / The Concertina / Moving Cloud
  2. Alpine Slopes
  3. Goodnight Irene
  4. Jigs: Dan the Cobbler / The Idle Road / Tobins Favourite
  5. Brian O’Kanes March
  6. McPhersons Rant / The Plough and the stars
  7. L’Accordeon Triste
  8. Jigs: East at Glendart /Paddy the dandy /When sick is it tea you want?
  9. The Wild Rover / The Moonshiner
  10. Retour Des Horondelles
  11. The Rambles of Spring
  12. Hornpipes: Off to California /The Galway Hornpipe
  13. The green fields of France (No Man’s Land)
  14. Reels: The silver spear / My love is in America

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