2020 has been hard going for us all. We are all having to look at new ways to survive. I’ve tried to look at ways to develop my music without live performances, and it’s been a learning process, and I’m still trying.  

I’ve managed to grow my YouTube Channel after posting many videos. I enjoy making all the videos and recording music.  

If you like my music scroll down to the end of the page to see some little things you can do if you’d like to help me create more.

Charlie selfie in office
A selfie in my office. I shouldn’t have spent money on that wall calendar for 2020. 😆

Three digital singles produced this year during lockdown. 

Italian Memories (April 2020) – More info
Jellyfish (September 2020) – More info
Macduff Maggie (November 2020) – more info

Recently added – Sheet music & lyrics for Macduff Maggie

Seven ways you can help my music

  1. Subscribe to my YouTube channel. Any likes or comments are a help to me, and the more of my videos you watch, the more the YouTube gnomes will help me. Leave a nice comment. Tell me someone is listening 🙂

From my YouTube stats, I know that 85% of my views are from unsubscribed people, and most of my audience are males over 65+. It’s 100% free to Subscribe to my YouTube channel. If you click the bell icon on the bottom right in the YouTube browser screen, it means YouTube will send you a notification when I upload but only if you have allowed notifications from YouTube on your device. Eventually, I can apply to get a share of ad revenue from YouTube via the ads it puts on my videos sometimes. But first, I need 4000 hours of watch time in the last 12 months before qualifying. Today I have 3879! So nearly there…

2. Buy Me A Coffee  any time you like and as much as you like

3. Like my Facebook Pages. It’s an excellent way to encourage me to do more on Facebook. I don’t find so much engagement on that platform for my music. Shares, likes and comments are a great help.

Social media platforms like engagement, and I’ll try and engage with you where I can.

▶ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Charlie-Abel-503207363514874

▶ Iron Broo FB page https://www.facebook.com/CeilidhAberdeen/

4. Become a Patreon member.

Did you know I have a new Patreon page? Patreon is a great idea for artists and creative people to get crowdfunding and moral support from a reliable private members club. Knowing there’s some income coming in helps me buy new equipment to do better projects and reduce the worry of money a little. I also offer you some treats in return for your support. Starting from £3 a month, plus VAT. You can again ask me anything and give me input or suggest ideas for treats or new material. I also offer to write a piece of music for members at a higher tiered level. ▶ Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/CharlieAbel

Become a Patron!

5. Visit my websites, buy a CD or download. There’s a small library of PDF sheet music that’s free to download. Commenting on relevant pages in the site or in the blog help my search results online.

▶ Charlie Abel site: https://www.CharlieAbel.com

▶ Iron Broo Ceilidh Site: https://www.ironbroo.scot

6. Share my music anywhere you can, especially with YouTube or even Facebook, Twitter or other Social media platforms.

7. Call in to your favourite radio stations and ask them to play a request for some of my original compositions, songs or covers.